The Ratiophilic Society of The Kingdom of Ernor

Welcome! If you're new here, you're probably wondering a few things:

  • What is a ratiophile?
  • What is The Kingdom of Ernor?!
  • What is the purpose of this website?
  • Why would I want to get involved?
  • How do I join?

What is a ratiophile?
The word ratiophile comes from the latin "ratio", meaning "logic" or "reason", and "philo", meaning "lover of". So, as "philosopher" means "lover of wisdom", "ratiophile" means "lover of logic". And, as the idea of "wisdom" is meaningless before logic, philosophy is also meaningless before ratiophilia.

A ratiophile is one who uses only logical reasoning when making a decision. Transient emotions, upbringing, culture, and all other irrelevant inputs are ignored in the decision making of a ratiophile.

What is The Kingdom of Ernor?
The Kingdom of Ernor is the fictional Kingdom of a fictional land, in a graphic novel of the same name, written and produced by the creators of this website. The reason for the use of the name in this real-world community is that this real-world community was created in the image of the fictional one before it. The name already existed and it stuck.

What is the purpose of this website?
The purpose of this website: to bring together that very small percentage of people who can truly consider themselves logical, free them from the distraction of non-ratiophiles and allow them to share their ideas and knowledge in an organized manner. As well as being an environment free of distraction, it’s one of effeciency: you don't have to make your ideas idiot-proof here, you just need to make your ideas logical.

Why would I want to get involved?

  • Share your ideas, and receive feedback
  • Share your expertise in fields of study, and learn from others
  • Access a reference of old arguments made as concise as English will allow, thus saving countless hours that you would otherwise need to spend articulating your arguments on the spot
  • Decide what kind of organized action should be taken by the group, and how to execute it, if an action is deemed appropriate
  • Befriend and meet other ratiophiles

The first four bullets are actually sections of the forums here, and the final one is achieved through the social networking of the website.

How do I join?
To join, first make an account with the website here (user registration).
Next, take the Ratiophile test here (Ratiophile test).
Be sure to read very carefully. Each question is worded very precisely.
If you pass, you'll soon after be given the "ratiophile" user role, and with it, permissions to use the forums and other website features.


Full list of site features:

Entrance test

    With each question aimed at removing a different kind of illogical person, it removes very nearly 100% of illogical people from passing. The test does not require any academic knowledge except an understanding of basic English.

User Moderation

    A strict moderation policy that allows for being wrong / fun / trolling, but doesn't allow users who are legitimately closed minded to continue to post. I suggest you read the full policy.

Feedback / Discussion

    Post your latest ideas and get feedback here. It doesn't have to be serious, and can be on ANY topic.

Lectures / Question and Answer

    Make lectures, or make a thread for others to ask you things on your subject of expertise.

Concise arguments

    Discuss old arguments (ex. existence of god) here, to make them as concise as possible.

Organized action

    Decide what is worth taking action with, and then how to take action. This includes anything requiring organization between multiple people. e.g. "Is it a good idea for us to fight tyranny in the US? If so, how do we do it?", "Everyone come upvote my post on [website]"

Activity badges

    Posts add to a point system, leading to nifty badges.

Merit badges

    Consistently high quality posts will lead to a badge representing the fact, consistently clever trolls will lead to a badge representing that fact too, etc.

Check out the full explanation.

Social features:
Friend system

    Invite friends by going to their account page (example).
    Friends' activity is displayed in a feed on the front page, so you can keep up with their latest discussions.


    Most people have a facebook, with at least some real information on it (e.g. their name, pictures of them). If you can trust any random stranger who googles your facebook, then you can trust the particularly rational users of this site.

    Thus, most members of TKoE have real information displayed for their location, age, sex, and name, and only other members who have passed the test can see this information. You can also upload a picture if you want.

    Although these features are basic to any forum, it's a bit different in TKoE, in that you can actually use them without worrying as much about who sees it. Basically, there's a closer, more exclusive community feel here.


    A basic, decently functional chatroom on the main page.
    You can use "/msg [user] [message]" to private message in it. You can also click a link to a pop-out version of the window, so you can keep chat up while using the forums. Sometimes it 404s the first time you click it though, still buggy.

Additional information:
Full moderation policy
Points and badges system

Ratiophile test

Attempts allowed:3
Pass rate:100 %
Backwards navigation:Allowed

Tests to make sure you're at least probably a ratiophile.

If you pass the test by answering 100% of the questions correctly, you will soon after be given the "ratiophile" user role, giving you access to read and post on the forums.

This quiz only allows 3 attempts. Anonymous users can only access quizzes that allows an unlimited number of attempts.
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